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Interscholastics-31st May 2016

Well done to all the P6 & P7 pupils who represented the school in the Interscholastics at Meadowbank.

The sun was shining and we had a great day! Well done to everyone who competed: Aiden, Niall, Ollie, Conor, Max, Wiktoria, Orla, Maita, Emily, Ethan, Ross, Adam, Rudi, Kai, Imogen, Kiera, Nadia, Jade and Chloe.

Maita, Max and Ethan made it to the finals of the 80m and 150m sprints. Aiden reached the final of the Cricket Ball Throw and the P6 boys relay team made it to the final too!

Max won a gold medal for first place in the long jump, jumping 3.89m!

Ross won a silver medal for placing second in the 600m. Well done boys!!

Congratulations to the whole team for all your hard work and effort!







25 October 2016

Dear Parents/Carers


The NHS Lothian Health Protection Team has asked every school in Edinburgh to publicise the following health information:


Measles cases have been confirmed in Lothian over the past month in teenagers and young adults. The symptoms of measles include fever, lethargy, runny nose, conjunctivitis, cough and a red, blotchy rash which starts at the head spreading over the chest and limbs. The rash generally fades within ten days.

If your child develops symptoms suggestive of measles, you should keep your child at home and contact your General Practitioner for further advice by phone (or NHS24 if out of hours on 111). This is very important in order to avoid the spread of measles to other people.

People with measles are infectious from around five days before the rash appears until four days after the rash appears and should self-isolate at home around this time.

The best protection against measles is two doses of MMR.


NHS Lothian Health Protection Team, October 2016

Thank you for reading this important advice, and for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely

James McDevitt

Head Teacher

Primary 5 2016-2017

TERM 1 – 2016-17

We have had a very busy term so far!  Primary 5 have been learning how to take notes and use Non-Fiction texts effectively.  We have also been learning about Neil Armstrong and his mission to the moon.  Look below at our Space Projects!

In maths and numeracy we have been learning how to collate information to make a graph and also to identify the value of each digit in a number (Place Value).  Click on the link to practice more place value games.

We will be movinging onto rounding and addition and subtraction, click the links to play these games:


Addition & Subtraction

Also this term we have studied a comparison between Scotland and Spain and have been learning about recycling.  We have started recycling our milk cartons and even reused them to make a 3D model of the Royal Mile!




PRIMARY 5 2016/17

So far this term Primary 5 have been very busy!!

We have been learning how to take notes, we have listened for information and even researched the first man on the moon.

In maths we have collected data and drawn graphs as well as learning about the place value of numbers.  You can play these games at home to continue practising:


We have also started recycling and reusing our milk cartons in the first step to our Eco award Green Flag.  We made the Royal Mile from recycled cartons, paper and cardboard!

Edinburgh Zoo

On Tuesday 7th June we all headed off to Edinburgh Zoo to learn more about Vertebrate animals. We arrived a little early so got to see the Penguins first.  Then we went to the Education Centre to learn more about the animal groups.  We got to hold a snake and a guinea pig! We also got to meet Dillon the Armadillo.

After that we went to see the pandas but ‘Sunshine’ was being very lazy!! We split off into our sampler groups for a tour round the zoo, it was a great day!


P4 trip to The Zoo!

On Tuesday the 7th of June P4 headed to the Zoo to learn more about Vertebrates and Invertebrates. We had a great day! First we had a lesson in the Education Centre and even got to hold a snake and a guinea pig!

Then we went to see the Pandas but ‘Sunshine’ was being very lazy! We walked around the Zoo and got to see many more animals including hippos, exotic birds, lions, tigers, zebras and chimpanzees. It was a great day and we all learned a lot!