Holy Cross RC Primary School is situated in the North of Edinburgh. As a denominational school, our catchment area is widespread. The school attracts children from out with the catchment area as well as a number of other children of other or no denomination and children from a range of ethnic backgrounds. We are pleased to welcome all of our 260 pupils and we celebrate the diversity of their backgrounds. There are 11 primary classes and a nursery. The Nursery has a capacity of 40 with the 1140 hours in place. Currently the school has a Head Teacher, a Depute Head Teacher and a part time Business Manager. Specialist teaching is provided in Support for Learning and Physical Education. There is violin instruction for some P4 – P7 pupils.   Pupils are also well supported by the school’s team of Pupil Support Assistants. EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers provide support to pupils who require it. The school has a Parent Council and a PTA, both of which are actively supportive of the school and make a vast formal and informal contribution to the life of the school.


Sancta Crux Est Spes Nostra. The Holy Cross is our Hope


To create a nurturing, respectful community where confident pupils can grow in faith and achieve their best.


Visions and Values


To provide high quality learning experiences in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment

19 27 24 (safe, inclusive, nurture, healthy)

19 The right to be safe

27 The right to shelter

24 The right to be healthy

To promote the gospel values and provide opportunities for all to develop God given talents

14 29 (included, achieving)

14 The right to practise your religion

29 The right to let your talents shine!

To promote pupil voice and inspire a love of learning

12 and 28 (responsible, respected, achieving)

12 The right to be listened to

28 The right to education

To promote children’s rights in a respectful, inclusive environment so all learners become active, responsible citizens

1 (responsible, included)

1 Everyone under the age of 18 has all the rights in the convention

To provide pupils with fun activities and opportunities to lead their learning

31 and 28 (achieving and active)

31 The right to rest, play and participate in cultural and artistic activities

28 The right to an education

Holy Cross Vision, Values And Aims


Curriculum Rationale

At Holy Cross RC Primary School we seek to provide the highest quality learning experiences to all our pupils in a nurturing environment, valuing the importance of positive relationships. We celebrate the diversity of our school and strive to promote respect, dignity and non-discrimination through our Rights Respecting work. Continuing to build the resilience of our whole school community supports the wellbeing of our staff and pupils, and our curriculum is grounded in our commitment to securing children’s rights and wellbeing. We value the pupil voice highly, involving children in discussions about their own learning and seeking their views about the life of the school.  Our curriculum is meaningful, relevant and recognises the importance of learning through the four contexts.  We value the importance of play and creativity in learning, both indoors and outdoors. Pupils will have planned opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in challenging tasks and new situations, thereby equipping them to become active citizens in an ever-changing world.  As a Catholic school, we are a community of faith promoting Gospel values through celebration and worship, and through service to the common good. In delivering the curriculum, we recognise the importance of all our partners in providing opportunities for learners to develop skills for learning, life and work.  Together we continue to become more skilled in using digital technology to support learning and teaching and through this are working hard to strengthen home-school links through the use of the focus child model.